The process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another

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Lenore Collins - Abstract 1


Lenore Collins

Mixed Media on Paper
15cm x 15cm

Tom Molloy - After the Storm

After the Storm

Tom Molloy

Oil on Canvas
30cm x 30cm

Ann Mulcrone - Am I Dreaming of Drowning

Am I Dreaming of Drowning

Ann Mulcrone

36cm x 29cm

Andrea Kavanagh - Back to Nature

Back to Nature

Andrea Kavanagh

Porcelain Ceramic Hanging Sculpture
210cm x 37cm

Donna Mc Gee - Beacon of Light

 Beacon of Light

Donna Mc Gee

Oil on Canvas
8” x 8”

Barbara Lee - Becoming


Barbara Lee

Digital Print

Karen Ebbs - Becoming II

Becoming II

Karen Ebbs

Oil on canvas on Birchwood
70cm x 84 cm

Ann Armstrong - Capillary Attraction

Capillary Attraction

Ann Armstrong

Watercolour, Ink on 300gm Paper
46 x 60cm

Donna Mc Gee - Celestial Rush

Celestial Rush

Donna Mc Gee

Oil on Canvas
16” x 12”

Phil Lynch - Changing Light

Changing Light

Phil Lynch

Printed Word on Paper

Mary Cole - Daybreak


Mary Cole

Oil on Canvas
50cm x 65cm

Ann Curran - Disruption 2

Disruption 2

Ann Curran

Encaustic Monotype on Rice Paper
22cm Diameter

Ann Curran - Disruption 3

Disruption 3

Ann Curran

Encaustic Monotype on Rice Paper
22cm Diameter

Erica Tyner - Dropping Slow

Dropping Slow

Erica Tyner

Watercolour + Pastel on Paper
20cm x 17.5 cm

Andrew Kernan - Dusk Hiccups Dust

Dusk Hiccups, Dust

Andrew Kernan

Acrylic + Aeroso + Chalk Pastel
104cm x 104cm

Linda Uhlemann - Eclipse


Linda Uhlemann

Etching on Japanese paper Unique Print
39cm x27cm

Donna Mc Gee - Emerging Worlds

Emerging Worlds

Donna Mc Gee

Limited Edition Print on Hahnemuhle Paper
60cm x 40cm

Tara O' Reilly - Fifteen


Tara O’ Reilly

Oil on Paper
43cm x 38cm

Ken Ridgeway - Here Comes a Seagull!

Here Comes a Seagull!

Ken Ridgeway

Acrylic on Board
254cm x 203cm

Mo Roantree - Houses Live and Die

Houses Live and Die

Mo Roantree

 Tempera, pencil, dye on Card
25cm x 20cm

Linda Uhlemann - Icarus Descending

Icarus Descending

Linda Uhlemann

Etching + Gold Leaf
24cm x 24cm

Diana Kingston - Imminent


Diana Kingston

Oil on archival gesso board
20cm x 20cm

Kathy Strachan - It Gets me Home

It Gets me Home

Kathy Strachan

Oil on Canvas
16 x 10cm x 10cm

Diane Magee - Its What Unites us III

It’s What Unites us III

Diane Magee

Oil on Canvas Panel
18cm x 24cm

John Edmondson - Las Vegas Reality Dawning

Las Vegas – Reality Dawning

John Edmondson

5616 x 3744 pixels

Aisling Mc Entee Walsh - Oh! I Have Shed my Earthly Bonds

Oh! I Have Shed My Earthly Bonds

Aisling Mc Entee Walsh

Pan Pastel on Paper
200cm x 150cm

Cathy Hayes - Portia Wounding Her Thigh I

Portia Wounding Her Thigh I

Cathy Hayes

Acrylic + Flashe on Canvas
60cm x 70cm

Sylvia Hill - Raspberry Ripple Teen Transition 1978

Raspberry Ripple Teen Transition

Sylvia Hill

Oil on Wood
30cm x 40cm

Rai Uhlemann - Seven-Seventy Five

Seven Seventy-Five

Rai Uhlemann

Oil on Canvas
31cm x 34cm

Linda Uhlemann - The Light is Fading

The Light is Fading

Linda Uhlemann

30cm x 30cm

Serena Kitt - There is a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in

There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.

Serena Kitt

Oil on Board
50cm x 60cm

Irene O' Neill - The Space Between Trees

The Space Between Trees

Irene O’ Neill

Charcoal, pen, and ink wash on fabriano paper
36cm x 60cm

Sorcha O' Farrell - Transcience II

Transience II

Sorcha O’ Farrell

Indian Ink + Charcoal + Pastel
76cm x 56cm

Barbara Lee - Until Next Year

Until Next Year

Barbara Lee

Oil on Canvas
100cm x 70cm

Sheila Naughton - Urban I

Urban I

Sheila Naughton

Gouache on cotton rag paper
30cm x 21cm

Sheila Naughton - Urban II

Urban II

Sheila Naughton

Gouache on cotton rag paper
42cm x 30cm

Sylvia Hill - Which Way Sister

Which Way Sister

Sylvia Hill

Watercolour on Cartridge Paper
14cm x 22cm

Ciara Gormley - Winter Garden

Winter Garden

Ciara Gormley

Oil on Canvas
30cm x 40cm