Online Exhibition Submission

We are delighted to announce our next guest selector for ArtNetdlr members next group exhibition in Walters, Dun Laoghaire – artist SEAN MOLLOY, and his choice of title is ‘DUENDE’.

‘Duende is a term used to describe artistry empowered by the awareness of death. It has similarities to the idea of “soul,” in art and life, but although both share the sense of tragedy or pain moving the creative energiesduende is libidinally charged, having more fire and drama in it.

from ‘Duende and psychoanalysis’ by Claudia Bader

El duende has been defined as the spirit of evocation, “a state of tragedy-inspired ecstasy,”

Howson, Gerald (1965). The Flamencos of Cádiz Bay (1st ed.). London: Hutchinson. p. 241.

As with our other exhibitions  all submissions will be sent to Sean Molloy anonymously.

The rules and regulations for group exhibitions will apply.

Closing date for submissions to DUENDE is FRIDAY 31 MAY.

Image: Sean Molloy, Cosmic Dancers