Let’s Talk Art is a new series of talks that grew out of ArtNetdlr Coffee Dock morning meetings. We are starting this art – conversation – discourse to bring people together from all backgrounds, ages, art forms, cultures and views in a relaxed café style setting, face-to-face in small groups, with focus on our shared creativity and humanity. We all need a place to connect, tell your story, share experience, be heard, and be inspired. Ideas work best when shared.

Much of our creative lives are spent in solitude, so moments of sharing thoughts and ideas are invigorating. The art of engaging, open and meaningful conversation is the most valuable connection to hold community together.

We want Dun Laoghaire – Rathdown to be a more connected, inclusive, socially engaged place. Through these uplifting conversations we encourage open mindness, tolerance and understanding.

Let’s talk about art the way we talk about everything, let’s talk the way we think, the way we are. Join us, take a seat, a drink, and a list of thought-provoking questions/topics/ ideas/ quotes, choose what to discuss and let the talks begin. It’s open to all and free.