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I am a mixed media artist who works in Paint, Print and Textiles/3D.

At present in my practice,  I am painting with Oils on small scale canvases which range up to A3 in size.

I have always loved colour.  I experiment using colour but  I also research colour theory and various palettes but having said that I use colour instinctively.

My painting technique is spontaneous and intentionally naïve but also semi-realistic in places.   Using nature as a vehicle, I explore  themes such as memory/dreams, often there is a psychological aspect to my work which can be autobiographical.

Some of my work has a graphic quality and so I like to make fine art prints a number of times a year and some of these appear in my exhibitions.  The use of Textiles is another medium  I use to explore Colour and Mark Making in this case through Stitch both hand and machine.  In these pieces I like to use recycled plastics, thread and wool.

*My next Solo Exhibition will hopefully be Autumn/Winter 2020.  The venue is to be decided. I have been working on this for 2/3 years.   There will be a new website soon  and this new work will be up before the show.  Email me for invites at [email protected]