Paola specializes in preserved botanical art. Her brushes are ferns, mosses, barks and even flowers! She uses preserved nature to create artistic “plant paintings”  that stay green for years with zero-maintenance needed!

She follows the concept of biophilic design, the latest, innovative, nature-inspired decor chosen by interior designers around the world to promote indoor wellness and connect people with the natural world by adding a cool mix of art and design.

Paola believes that incorporating real nature into interiors make people feel closer to nature and creates restorative and connected spaces that improve stress levels and overall wellbeing while adding a striking and unique decor to residential and commercial interiors.
She’s inspired by natural landscapes and loves to mix colors and textures. Her collections spans from woodlands landscapes – including moss, ferns, mushrooms, barks etc. – to indoor flower gardens, colorful and uplifting pieces that bring flowers’ colors and natural beauty indoor.
She also makes custom-framed flower letters with real preserved flowers which have become a best seller gift.
To explore her maintenance-free moss art collections visit her website
To contact her for viewing her work in her studio or to commission bespoke natural art pieces email her at [email protected]