Ceramics have always motivated me.
Through experimentation in the world of the ‘familiar’, I combine ceramics and other materials like metal, glass and stone to create interesting textural outcomes. My studio based artwork and architectural ceramics exist as two distinct but connected parts of my practice as an artist.
My site specific commissioned based architectural ceramics and mosaic artworks are embedded in the civic-minded aspects of the pieces. Functionality of the form is a critical element to my creations. In the public realm, I see my artworks as not purely pieces for passive viewing, but interactive experiences that involve the whole community that surrounds the work and where the viewer partakes in the artwork.
Recent practice work has been inspired by the autumnal and winter cycles of plant forms, with themes of erosion and decay, expressed by combining fine wire and porcelain to create delicate, translucent and skeletal structures. The nature of structural patterns along with pushing the boundaries of the porcelain material is a key current theme.
INSTGRAM – orla.kaminska