In February 2022 ArtNetdlr presented an exhibition of 78 artists from dlr, artist network members from wide range of disciplines and practices. This was a unique creative collaborative project. People have been working together in small groups, in two & three’s over the past 18 months over zoom or skype, or nature walks to respond to the theme of metamorphosis.

This exhibition included work by painters, sculptors, photographers, musicians, and writers unfolding ideas from personal transformation, visual memories, to our relationship with nature. The blurring of art forms was encouraged – traditional media like painting, sculpture and photography merged with a variety of unconventional objects including haiku poetry, music installations and video inclusions as QR codes.

Some work on display challenged viewers to reflect on the concepts of desire, order, and chaos. These were shown alongside images of influential women and symbols of unchangeable stability. Each work of art standing alone, but may also be combined with other images and therefore metamorphose, independent of the artists’ intentions. It was a tribute to the resilience, perseverance and endurance of the artists who have brought their creativity to work during very difficult times.