I am both a writer and a printmaker and  in my work I tell stories with words and images making prints and artists books.  I use  my prints as a sculptural element in the books, weaving the narrative with the image.Through my writing or in my images I try to speak to the viewer to engage and interest them.

The starting point  for most of my work is photography. I use a digital camera for straightforward pictures but also a Holga camera a vintage plastic camera that can produce unusual effect doubling images, reversing them and giving strange optical effects.

My last body of work started in Catalonia where the water coming from the Pyrenees is a vivid turquoise formed through the copper deposits in the land. From these images I made a series of small brightly coloured  prints, like jewels made from the landscape. Then I looked up, and there were paragliders flotation on yellow and orange wings in a cobalt blue sky.

I work on copper aluminium and plastic etching engraving and aquatinting.

I was formally a jeweller, making contemporary silver and gold and I use the techniques and tools from my jewellery making experience to cut, texture and form the plates that I use for print making.

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mobile 0863662547