‘Mistresses, Muses, Madwomen et al’

Joyce Duffy

Joyce Duffy graduated from NCAD in 1994 with an honours degree in fine art painting. Her practice includes painting, sculpture, video, installation and performance.

The central theme of much of her work is the politics of power. Duffy believes that the personal is political. Ideas of power and our human encounter with the world are examined in her work. History, philosophy, world politics, popular culture, advertising and art history inform her work and recurring references are made to these areas.

Duffy works in a variety of media, allowing the concerns of the work to dictate the correct medium in any particular instance. Often using non-traditional art materials from the domestic sphere, she has sewn and baked her work, and created life sized food sculptures using chocolate, icing sugar and pastry.

“Sharp, witty, cutting, never boring, always surprising, Duffy uses humour as a key weapon to carry her message. Her humour humanises rather than compromises the seriousness of much of her ideas.”  Curator Carissa Farrell.