Still Water, Kilmore Quay, Misty Morning

Sharon Hogan

Photography, Archival Print on Fine Art Baryta

Edition of 10

20cm x 20cm

Bricklieve Tree

Susan Early

Drypoint Print on Paper

15cm x 19cm

Freight on the Move

Paula O’ Riordan

Oil on Canvas

6 x (15cm x 15cm)


Wild Waves

Anne Marie Hayes

Encaustic Mixed Media

6’’ x 6’’

Double- Star

Stephanie Brüning

Ink/Embossing on Zinc

38cm x 22.8cm



Bernadette Brady

Oil on Panel

50cm x 60cm

Joy of the Garden

Burnell Mc Kenna

Watercolour on Paper

30cm x 22cm

Merging Slip

Ciara Bourke

Watercolour on Hahnemuhle Paper

29.5cm x 41cm

Sands of Time Through Woodland Sea

Gary Power

Mixed Media on Watercolour Paper

40cm x 30cm

Planting Buildings

Dylan Ryan

Photograph Printed on Metal Dibond

45cm x 30cm

Print any size requested  

The Pull from a Place

Mo Roantree

Ink and Tempera on Rice Paper Collage

19cm x 17cm



Ann Mulcrone


36cm x 27cm


Eugene Worrall

Acrylic on Canvas

40cm x 60cm

E/ Mergence

Gaby Browett

Acrylic Mixed Media on Canvas

20cm x 30cm

After Rain

Barbara Lee

Oil on Canvas

25cm x 30cm

Lux Blue Series 2

Grainne Mulligan

Cyanotype Print on Permanent Portrait White Paper

150cm x 60cm

Discovering Colour

Hugh Cummins

Sculpture in Wood Quilted Maple with Red, White and Blue dyed Sycamore

51cm x 28cm 12cm 

After a Long Winter

Amalia Naughton

Acrylic, Oil Pastel and Pencil on Paper

18cm x 26cm

Samhain Light

Joyce Duffy

Encaustic Painting on Board

25cm x 25cm

3B Green

Maree Hensey

Indian Ink on Fine Cast Plaster

15cm x 15cm

Birth of Emotion

Markus Thonett

Painting on Carved Relief

100cm x 100cm x 4cm


John Dunne

Acrylic on Canvas

103cm x 44cm


The Matador’s Hat

Anne Augusta

Oil on Paper

80cm x 100cm



Ann Armstrong

Watercolour on 300gm Fine Grain Paper

46cm x 60cm

 The Rag Tree

Judy Carroll Deely

Oil on Canvas

40cm x 30cm

Ode to L’Idiot

Eilis de Faoite

Mixed Media and Copper Leaf

59cm x 42cm



Andrea Kavanagh

Porcelain Ceramic Wall Sculpture

30cm circumference

Duhkha- Sukha  –  Emergence

Kate Mac Donagh + Soundtrack by Eleanor Dawson

Waterbased Woodcut

60cm x 95cm

Veiled Landscape

Sheila Naughton

Watercolour + Gouache on Paper

60cm x 42cm

Early Start

Sorca O’ Farrell

Charcoal, Indian ink + Pastel on Paper

90cm x 70cm


Emerging Photograph

Kathy Strachan

 20cm x 20cm


Brendan’s Wave

Patrick Molloy

Oil on Prepared Board

40cm x 60cm

Imagined, Emerged, Waterfall

Ann Curran

Encaustic Paint

30cm x 40cm

Out of the Woods

Louise Shearer

Oil on canvas

80cm x 100cm



Diane Magee

Oil on Gessoed Panel

25cm x 20cm


You Waited

Joan Mulvihill

Acrylic on Plywood Board

96cm x 107cm

Phoenix Park

Louise West

Oil on Canvas

60cm x 60cm


Michelene Huggard

Oil on Linen

30cm x 40cm

Flight into Summer 2021

Catherine Ryan

Oil on Canvas

72cm x 62cm


Phil Stewart

Pencil, Crayon + Graphite on Paper

46cm x 61cm


Shirley Copperwhite

Reactive pigment inks on linen

62cm x 62cm


Rachel Mc Dermott

Oil on Canvas

40cm x 40cm



Shabnam Vasisht

Pastel + Ink on Paper

70cm x 50cm

Early Spring Malus

Gaynor Darby

Oil on Canvas

 40cm x 50cm

Unfolding Remnant

Orla Kaminska

Porcelain and Wire

50cm x 20cm

Kilcoole Kid

Sylvia Hill

Photo Etching Print

28.5cm x 18.5cm

Charcoal V

Sheila Mc Nally

Charcoal on layered Tracing Paper

40cm x 56cm


Maria Chandy

Watercolour on 300gm Waterford Saunders paper

 16’’ x 12’’

Sandycove 40ft

Shirley Giffney

Watercolour, includes non reflective Art Glass

34cm x 24cm