Artnetdlr is pleased to present EMERGENCE, a group exhibition curated by invited artists Jay Murphy and Louise Neiland. Featuring the work of over seventy artists from Dun Laoghaire – Rathdown, the exhibition explores themes ranging from our relationship with nature, its wilderness and decay, and growth of new life, phoenix rising to hope, from memories emerging to drawing inspiration from familiar Dun Laoghaire surroundings, to abstract and cubism.

Enquiries: [email protected]

Still Water, Kilmore Quay, Misty Morning

Sharon Hogan

Photography, Archival Print on Fine Art Baryta

Edition of 10

20cm x 20cm

Bricklieve Tree

Susan Early

Drypoint Print on Paper

15cm x 19cm


Paula O’ Riordan

Oil on Canvas

6 x (15cm x 15cm)

Wild Waves

Anne Marie Hayes

Encaustic Mixed Media

6’’ x 6’’

Double- Star

Stephanie Brüning

Ink/Embossing on Zinc

38cm x 22.8cm



Bernadette Brady

Oil on Panel

50cm x 60cm

Joy of the Garden

Burnell Mc Kenna

Watercolour on Paper

30cm x 22cm

Merging Slip

Ciara Bourke

Watercolour on Hahnemuhle Paper

29.5cm x 41cm

Sands of Time Through Woodland Sea

Gary Power

Mixed Media on Watercolour Paper

40cm x 30cm

Planting Buildings

Dylan Ryan

Photograph Printed on Metal Dibond

45cm x 30cm

Print any size requested  

The Pull from a Place

Mo Roantree

Ink and Tempera on Rice Paper Collage

19cm x 17cm



Ann Mulcrone


36cm x 27cm


Eugene Worrall

Acrylic on Canvas

40cm x 60cm

‘As the Forest Heals’

Irene O’Neill

Oil on Canvas

75 cm x 75 cm


After Rain

Barbara Lee

Oil on Canvas

25cm x 30cm

Lux Blue Series 2

Grainne Mulligan

Cyanotype Print on Permanent Portrait White Paper

150cm x 60cm

Discovering Colour

Hugh Cummins

Sculpture in Wood Quilted Maple with Red, White and Blue dyed Sycamore

51cm x 28cm 12cm 

After a Long Winter

Amalia Naughton

Acrylic, Oil Pastel and Pencil on Paper

18cm x 26cm

Samhain Light

Joyce Duffy

Encaustic Painting on Board

25cm x 25cm


Carmel Marrinan

Acrylic on Canvas

120 cm x 120 cm


Markus Thonett

Abstract on Carved Plywood

24″ x 24″


John Dunne

Acrylic on Canvas

103cm x 44cm


The Matador’s Hat

Anne Augusta

Oil on Paper

80cm x 100cm



Ann Armstrong

Watercolour on 300gm Fine Grain Paper

46cm x 60cm

 The Rag Tree

Judy Carroll Deely

Oil on Canvas

40cm x 30cm

Ode to L’Idiot

Eilis de Faoite

Mixed Media and Copper Leaf

59cm x 42cm


Andrea Kavanagh

Porcelain Ceramic Wall Sculpture

30cm circumference

Duhkha- Sukha  –  Emergence

Kate Mac Donagh + Soundtrack by Eleanor Dawson

Waterbased Woodcut

60cm x 95cm

Veiled Landscape

Sheila Naughton

Watercolour + Gouache on Paper

60cm x 42cm

Distant Copse

Sorca O’ Farrell

Charcoal, Indian ink + Pastel on Paper

90cm x 70cm


Over the Fields in the Snow

Carol Ward

Newspaper on Canvas

147 cm x 100 cm

Brendan’s Wave

Patrick Molloy

Oil on Prepared Board

40cm x 60cm

Imagined, Emerged, Waterfall

Ann Curran

Encaustic Paint

30cm x 40cm


Judy Carroll Deely

Oil on canvas

100 cm x 100 cm


Diane Magee

Oil on Gessoed Panel

25cm x 20cm


You Waited

Joan Mulvihill

Acrylic on Plywood Board

96cm x 107cm

Phoenix Park

Louise West

Oil on Canvas

60cm x 60cm


Michelene Huggard

Oil on Linen

30cm x 40cm

Flight into Summer 2021

Catherine Ryan

Oil on Canvas

72cm x 62cm


Phil Stewart

Pencil, Crayon + Graphite on Paper

46cm x 61cm


Shirley Copperwhite

Reactive pigment inks on linen

62cm x 62cm


Rachel Mc Dermott

Oil on Canvas

40cm x 40cm



Shabnam Vasisht

Pastel + Ink on Paper

70cm x 50cm

Early Spring Malus

Gaynor Darby

Oil on Canvas

 40cm x 50cm

Unfolding Remnant

Orla Kaminska

Porcelain and Wire

50cm x 20cm

Kilcoole Kid

Sylvia Hill

Photo Etching Print

28.5cm x 18.5cm

Charcoal V

Sheila Mc Nally

Charcoal on layered Tracing Paper

40cm x 56cm


Paula Fitzpatrick

Copper plate etching

Framed: 53 cm x 62 cm

Unframed: 37 cm x 46 cm

Dun Laoghaire Capriccio

Fergal McCabe

Pen and Wash

76 cm x 76 cm

Sandycove 40ft

Shirley Giffney

Watercolour, includes non reflective Art Glass

34cm x 24cm

Dalkey Quarry

Gill Trapnell

Mixed Media

91 cm x 76 cm

Phoenix Wings

Nikki Collier

Silk and Wool

1 m x 3 m


Phoenix Rising

Veronica Heywood

In collaboration with Niki Collier ‘Phoenix Wings’

Watercolour on Paper

30.5 cm x 40. 6 cm


She Wished That Penney’s Would Open

Joyce Duffy




Gaby Browett

Sculpture / Pyramid

1.5 m x 2 m



Kymberly Dunne – Fleming

Sculpture / Pyramid

1.5 m x 2 m



Erika Tyner

Sculpture / Pyramid

1.5 m x 2 m


Wild Flowers

Rae McAllister

Acrylic on Canvas

90 cm x 90 cm

Kerry Foxgloves

Burnell McKenna

Watercolour on Paper

56 cm x 76 cm

Pink Swing

Lenore Collins

Acrylic and Pastel on Paper

55 cm x 87 cm

Ocean Bottom

Lenore Collins

Acrylic on Paper

84 cm x 60 cm

Spring Mist, Sliabh Bloom Mountains

Mary White

Acrylic on Canvas

60 cm x 50 cm

Ocean Flow

Gaynor Derby


28 cm x 38 cm

Into the Blue

Mary White

Oil on Canvas

50 cm x 40 cm


Serena Kit

1A Bronze Sculpture

100cm square 5 pieces


Miriam Sweeney

Oil on Canvas

65 cm x 90 cm

Domestic Spaces

Annika Berglund

Hand dyed Merino Wool and Local Breed Llewyn Cross Wool

161 cm x 57 cm

Yellow Fields with Birds

Linda Uhlemann


62 cm x 48 cm

Dark Light

Kate MacDonagh

Carved Painted Wood

180 cm x 60 cm

Pier Walkers

Simon Robinson

Framed Stretched Textile Photo Print

61 cm x 83 cm

Edition of 9

Decommissioned Factory

Aoife Dwyer

Mixed Media

40 cm x 50 cm

Security Hut, December

Aoife Dwyer

Inkjet Print

25 cm x 30 cm

Ce Dhun Chaoin

Mairead Totterdell

Oil on Canvas

90 cm x 64 cm


Paula O’Riordan, Lenore Collins & Mo Roantree

Mixed Media on Paper and Canvas

80 cm x 80 cm

Glen o the Downs

Laura O’Hagan

Mosaic mobile/ screen wall

1.8 m x 1.8 m, curve depth 30cm, thickness 3 cm

Portrait of George Potter

Oisin Roche

Oil on Canvas

92 cm x 130 cm


Garden Sculpture

Shabnam Vasisht

Recycled Materials

Into the Light

Paula O’Riordan

Oil on Canvas

15 cm x 15 cm

Newton’s Cup

Marie Sheridan

Acrylic on Canvas

90 cm x 60 cm

Emerging Memories

Ken Jennings

Oil on Canvas

100 cm x 70 cm