Artist Talk with DOROTHY SMITH

Tuesday 18 January

7 – 8

Grangegorman Drawings – For Now, pencil on paper, 102 x 64cm

How does the built environment of public space influence Dorothy Smith’s work?

How does the artist inhabits the complex social space in greater society?

Artist Dorothy Smith will draw out & discuss some of the ideas that inspires her creative work, and will offer her insight into her drawing process, her key themes, and motifs.


Drawing a rich metaphorical word.

We draw water

draw tickets
draw curtains
draw guns
draw breath
draw things behind us
draw things to us
draw conclusions
draw attention to ourselves
We can withdraw from a person or place
We can become withdrawn
We can withdraw to a drawing room
We are drawn to certain people and places
We are drawn to activities and objects
As people we are drawn together
People have been hung, drawn and quartered
We draw pictures.

What is happening when we draw?

Text by Dorothy Smith published in ‘..the lives we live..’, Grangegorman Public Art in December 2020