Myra Jago invites ArtNetdlr to launch her new studio

I have a brand new studio and was delighted to have ArtNetdlr to visit me recently. Being primarily an oil painter, the space is taken over with canvasses of varying sizes, painting supplies, reference books and notebooks.

I went through my process with the group, detailing each step on the way to a final painting and appreciated their insights into what can usually be a solitary pursuit. I make realistic oil paintings about insubstantial things and so alter my subjects until their meaning becomes unspecific.

Right now I am working toward my solo exhibition in The Ashford Gallery, The Royal Hibernian Academy, Dublin which opens in September 2019.

It was a great couple of hours with a lively exchange of thoughts and ideas and would like to thank ArtNetdlr for officially launching my new studio!

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Aine Teahan photography