“What do you know of your memories, are they real or a little hazy, my memories are atmospheric and a little elusive, I would like to bring you an opportunity to remember something of your history, a quiet  walk with someone you loved, a summers day idling in a grassy meadow, an exciting and energising walk on a stormy beach.   My inspiration is gathered from my surroundings and memories and linking the two in a painterly way.  I am inspired by memories of wild landscapes in the west of Ireland as well as gentle summer meadows in the south east of Ireland, the waving grasses and clear light.  These paintings and locations have a dreamlike romantic feel and are wonderful locations to visit as well as to paint. Some of the paintings bring you to a relaxed quiet space – lying in the long grass and seeing our surroundings from a slightly different point of view, remembering hazy lazy days of childhood.  While others immerse you in the energising atmosphere of exciting storms and wild winter walks, you can feel the sea spray and the wind in your face.”