Ann Armstrong

BA (hons) Visual Art Practice IADT, 

MPhil Art History TCD, RN. 


[email protected]

Ann Armstrong is a practicing artist in Dublin, Ireland. Ann’s primary passion is painting, through the medium of oil, watercolour, acrylic or wood block print. Nature is always in a state of change. Ann explores ways of expressing the landscape through visual patterns, an artist finds new ways of describing atmospheric feeling, communicating old truths. 

Her interest lies in the biological draw of the landscape. Ann focuses on exploring themes of above and below, macrocosms and microcosms. Ann creates internal landscapes in a surreal and imaginative way, capturing some of the analogies that are present in nature. As a nurse, Ann is in tune with the scientific basis of attraction to the landscape and is fascinated by how we express it in a myriad of ways. The landscape has proved to be a rich source of artistic expression to date and is a powerful stimulus for on-going artistic research and creativity in her practice. 

Current Studio art practice, and part-time Art Teacher. Previously: Lecturer and tour guide At the Dublin City Gallery Hugh Lane for their Permanent and Temporary Exhibitions.

Solo Exhibition 

2013 ‘Biomorphic’ Wells House & Gardens, Wexford. 

Group / Collaborative Exhibitions 

2012 ‘The Particular is Contained in the Universal’ Mill Theatre, Dundrum. 

2010 ‘Art Exchange’ Delgany. 

2010 ‘Anti Sense’ Book of Prints in Collaboration. Douglas Hyde Gallery, TCD 

2009 ‘Size Does not Matter’ I.A.D.T. Curated by our exhibiting group, IADT. 

2009 ‘Exit pursued by a Bear’ Broadstone XL Gallery. Curated by Ailve McCormack 

2006-11 Elm Park Annual Members Exhibition. Curated by exhibiting group, Donnybrook. 

Catalogues / Bibliography 

2010 Book of Prints ‘Anti-Sense’ created produced and hand bound by five artists, IADT, Dublin. Exhibited to a public audience in the Douglas Hyde Gallery, TCD. 

2009 ‘Exit – pursued by Bear’ A collection of works by exhibiting artists. This project was a record of Broadstone XL gallery group exhibition, Dublin. Produced by publications. Author: Ailve Mc Cormack. 

2009 Designed a ‘Thank you’ card for the Irish Cancer Society. 

2007 Designed and painted a wall mural for ‘The Children’s Sunshine Home’ Laura Lynn, Leopardstown, Dublin.